c900 Bunkhouse

There is no less expensive way to house a large number of people than the c900 Bunkhouse. The design inspiration is "luxury cruise ship bunkhouse" in a transformation of inexpensive lightly stained plywood.

The c900 Bunkhouse design would qualify as a:

Homes for Homeless

The whole building design was originally about healing the homeless from trauma and offering them job recovery services and privacy.  Job training and trauma counseling can happen with laptops and earbuds in one’s private bunk, on the flip-down laptop cabinet desk, with the blackout curtains drawn. A humane home for 12, it is perfect for housing agencies and more!

Oil Workers

As a bunkhouse for oil services workers, I believe that this will reduce worker turnover based on better privacy concerns.  The workers and managers can have private conversations on the laptop/earbuds with their family, in their bunks.  There are 3-ring binder shelves for each bunk, lockers that hold hardhats and two pairs of boots, and coathooks.

Yoga Retreat

As a bunkhouse for a yoga or nature retreat, this space would photograph well as a place where each individual can escape for private time in their bedroom, complete with their own operable window with blackout curtain.  This comes off as luxury, private space, and can be clad easily with hardiboard.

It is also used for migrant farmworker housing, summer camp cabin, fish and hunting camp, road services crew housing for Alaska and other places, housing on a barge, retreats in far off places, and disaster relief housing.

c900 Bunkhouse

It’s the best design Cargotecture has ever done. With code setbacks it houses 240 people per acre, or (12) Cargotecture c900 Bunkhouses.

Relocatable Footings

The project even comes with relocatable cargo container footings that can elevate the floor level from mere inches to up to 48″ above grade. These relocatable footings have been engineered, permitted, and are patent pending. The Patent is through a USPTO law firm at this time, and is under the NDA that we have.

They are permitted in a seismic zone so that the unit can sit on leased or public land for one year, ten years, or whatever is called for.


The blackout curtain at the entry door, with strip magnets in it, permits a thermally-enclosed foyer at the entry. This is practical for hot and cool spaces when the interiors are heated or cooled significantly.

Private Bunks

Job training and trauma counseling can happen with laptops and earbuds in one’s private bunk, on the flip-down laptop cabinet desk, with the blackout curtains drawn.

All curtains shown are actually blackout thermal curtains with acoustical dampening, even though shown as translucent in the model. They exist at the front door, each bunk, and each bunk window.

Plenty of Space

For the 12 folks there are 32 places to sit. It has:

  • A four station kitchen with bar sink, dishwasher, large fridge- all spec’ed
  • A library with an electric fireplace and substantial bookshelves
  • A dining table with outlets for electronics
  • A simple cheap detail for hanging hardiboard on the doublewide 53s
  • A bathroom with two sinks and two showers- one each are ADA
  • Private bunks for all, each with a window
  • Cheap to build as possible, with standard or repeatable furniture
  • Relocatable foundation for cargo containers
  • Up to R-56 ceiling insulation R-32 walls… May be insulated 50% beyond energy code as an option

Low Cost

The building structure and envelope are designed to last 200 years.  If the building is amoritized over just the first 10 years then that means it costs $1,250 per person per year, or about $104/month per person.  After that the building is paid for.